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The KCR Web Application Portal can navigate users to three unique registry tools.

  1. Patient Message Review App (PMRA):
    PMRA allows users to search/filter over electronic pathology (ePath) and Diagnostic Radiology (eRad) reports using criteria such as SSN, name, medical record number, observation date, etc. Users may download individual of ePath and eRad reports as PDFs or a list of them in an Excel format.
  2. Case Finding List:
    The Case Finding List allows users to join a list of patients across ePath, EMR, and Oncology Appointment data with their respective CPDMS record given a reporting date range. This allows registrars to review what reporting information is available for a case if it needs to be added or updated in CPDMS.
  3. Web Reports:
    A general purpose reporting interface for many types of configurable reports from KCR data sets.

Email Updates

Our email updates go out for things like downtime notifications, emergency downtimes, and holiday closure announcements. We also, on occasion, use it to relay upcoming important changes to how you interact with CPDMS and Portal. For example, when we have to make changes to supported browsers or password policy. If you feel you are not getting these emails from the CPDMS support team, please let us know at

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